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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a little venting.

Don't get me wrong. The person I'm venting to is someone I love very much. With all my heart. She's my best friend, my sister. But sometimes, like right now, she just puts me in this down mood and I can't stand it.

The guy I'm dating, Dustin, is her ex boyfriend. I talked to her about it before I even thought about dating him. She left him for Andy, her soulmate who she's loved forever (literally). So she said she was cool with it. I know it's against girl code to go with your best friends ex...but you don't live in LaGrange, the rules don't apply here.

Well I think she's starting to form some kind of jealousy. When they were together, they weren't that stable. Constantly breaking up and what not. They just didn't fit. He never really wrote statuses about her or said he was gonna get out of the "game" for her and certainly never picked her over Jason. Well...a month already and I got all that. We just fit together. We've liked each other since the day we met (Yeah..when they were together..that's not good I know but we never did anything.)

But it hurts that I can't talk to Becca about how happy I am. She says I can...but she always says to stay careful because hell most likely hurt me. That makes me sad. I hope it gets better.