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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

These Things On My Mind

I feel lonely and incomplete.
I want someone to love.
Someone who loves me back.
Who won't treat me like shit.
Who can handle me at my best & worst.
I try to be strong and say I don't care, that's bullshit.
I hate being single.

My Family
It's like my mom only likes me when I'm away.
My Stepdad likes me more than she does.
My Uncle Paul is fucking annoying.
All this family can do is start drama and it get's on my nerves.
Taylor & Kathi are the only ones that I seem to genuinely withstand.
I miss having a dad in my life.
My Aunt just reunited with her son Robert. She wants to find Jimmy too. But why the hell does she not want to find Jesse? Oh yeah, she's retarded. Fucked up right?

Heather seems to be the one I can talk to about anything. My best friend.
Sammi & I are drifting,
I hate being the middle man sometimes.
I can't even stand most of my guy friends anymore.

I'm a horrible person with some of the things I do.
My self-esteem is going down again.
This fucking sunburn hurts like a bitch.
I think I'm ready to have sex. I just don't know who to do it with.
I keep gaining weight.
I'm excessively reading again.
I need to do better next year in school.
I feel like I'm failing.
I'm awesome though.

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