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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Heather inspired a

My best friend Heather is the one who got me started on this thing. Well, while reading her many blogs, I found one that basically listed all the guys she's been with what went wrong. Well I figured I'd do that, but for guys who also just meant a great deal to me that faded away. Some names will be changed for their safety.

Zachary Parker - I liked you sooo much when we were younger. We were basically bf and gf. You saved me from rape, literally. I thank  you all the time in my head for that. I hope you're doing well.

Justin Huard - to describe you?? I guess you can say you and I have had a hot & cold thing since Summer of 2006. One minute we love each other and the next we can't stand each other. You're unhealthy for me.

Sherwayne Bell - We were the best of friends. We met in 8th grade, you knew I loved you, but you're not the dating type. You would tell me that you loved me though and that was enough. I basically loved everything about you. I would talk to you nearly everyday. But then we started to fade. June 3rd, 2009 was the last day I saw you. I miss you so much.

Shawn Cameron - You were a great guy and my first highs chool boyfriend, and it took me a while to realize that you were so great. No matter how mean I was to you, you never stopped caring and I'm sorry for treating you the way I did. When we dated, I wasn't really a fan of all the hyperness and the pda. I just wanted something different at the time.

Jeremy Drahucz - Wow. 2 days. I swear to god, you put a lot of painful experience into just 2 days. You used me to get to Rebecca and broke up with me in Hot Topic. It wasn't even you, it was William. I still hate you for that. WHO THE HELL BREAKS UP WITH SOMEBODY IN THEIR FAVORITE STORE?! You were the first guy I've ever made out with. The thought sickens me though.

Ravi Roberson - You didn't like me the whole time we went out. You ass. At least you were honest with that though.

Popvero (has nothing to do with anyone in Vero) - F*** YOU! YOU MADE MY LIFE MISERABLE AND WE NEVER EVEN DATED!!!!

Lunchbox - Our relationship was mostly over text, I'm sorry I started things because I never intended to keep it going. 

8 - You were my first real love. I learned a lot from you. You were a lot of firsts for me. A little bit of lasts too. Things just changed and we both moved on. I still love and care for you with all my heart.

David McCarty - You were great, but you came at a bad time. I'm sorry for breaking your heart when you were just trying to heal mine.

Pusher - You're this nickname for many reasons. You only wanted me for one thing. I'm glad I didn't give it to you. Only one good thing came from dating you. He's my best friend.

Fun Buddy - Things were great with you. But I grew up and realized I couldn't do it anymore. I started feeling bad and wanting more, and that's not what it was supposed to be. I feel you still want it, but it's not going to happen. I hope it doesn't.

Frank - You were amazing. A perfect boyfriend. But with everyone telling me it was a waste of time, it all went to my head. I'm sorry for not handling things differently.

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