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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Life isn't really hard right now, but it feels like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders.
I think it's because several things are being thrown at me and I'm trying to balance everything.
School, social life, family life, trying to find a job, and actually hoping for a boyfriend.

So far my grades...well French anyway is slipping. I don't want to fail any classes again.
My social life is sky rocketing. I'm actually always doing something on the weekends now. I've craved this and I don't want to let it go. But I might have to. Just a little at least.
I hardly spend time with my family anymore and I know I should because my grandparents keep nagging.
Since my social life is sky rocketing, I constantly need money I don't have. Between my phone & my college class...I'm drained.
I'm also sick & tired of seeing all these cute couples. I hate being picky too. I just want a boyfriend who I can actually like and appreciate.

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  1. Make cool friends and join their network and hang out good things will happen when you least expect it.