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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My friends :)

About My Friends:

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Do You Have A Lot Of Friends?I actually do
Who Is Your Best Friend?Heather or Becca...or Kaitlyn
Which Friend(s) have you known the longest?Ashley
Funniest?Hmm...Brandon as of late
Most Attractive?Justin Walker. lmao
Best Dressed?I love the way Heather & Kaitlyn dress
Oldest?Um... Ashley
Youngest?Uh.....Lindsey or Iiaonna
Smallest?Besides me....Megan
Most Trustworthy?Heather & Sammi
Who Do You Talk To The Most?Alot of people but I think David has them beat
Who Do You Hangout With The Most?David, Kaitlyn, & Becca
Do You Have A Crush On Any Of Your Friends?................................2 of them lol
Name 1 Friend That Drinks(all of them) Kaitlyn
Name 1 Friend That SmokesDustin
Who Calls You The Most?Nobody in there right mind actually calls me lol
Who Texts You The Most?David
Friend(s) you haven't seen in a whileAshley
Wisest?Hmm....they're all wise in different areas...but probably Jason
Cool To Chill With?All of
Where Do You Hangout With Your Friends The Most?My house, lake, or their house
Random FriendDamien
Last Place You Hungout With A Friend?My house
Last Friend You Saw?Jacey
Last Friend That Called You?Uhh....idk lol
Who Do You Talk To On The Phone The Most?Stephen
Do You Enjoy Talking To Them?Yes
Kindest?Sammi & Elisabeth
Who You Talk To Most On The Internet?Justin
Most Like You?Lindsey or Iiaonna
Who Knows The Real You?Heather
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