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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Of course I have nothing else better to do...

So I'm going to do a survey. Why? Because I'm on a writers block right now.. well not really. But I'm debating on how to write it all. So...yeah.

Hair ColorNot even a specific one anymore. Played with it too much.
Eye ColorBrownish hazel
Your opinions please?
AbortionIt's the pregnant persons choice. I don't think I could do it though.
Capital PunishmentNot my business.
ImmigrationLet them live here and do the crappy jobs. I don't care.
WarHurry up with it already.
AmericaHas turned into a fucked up place.
Gay MarriageYes please. The only thing I can really support.
The EconomyIs as down as Lil Wayne and I.
Political Party are youIndependent.
Extrovert or IntrovertExtrovert with some introverted qualities.
Favorite sportFighting (UFC)
Favorite person from that sportAnderson Silva
Favorite personMe.
Bothers youRacism and homophobes mostly. Also having broken headphones.
Are you passionate aboutGay marriage. Love of all types. Helping people.
Do you really think about yourselfI think I'm an okay person considering where I came from.
Favorite cultureGreek
Most attractive ethnicityGreeks and Indians
Favorite childhood cartoonRugrats, Simpsons, and South Park
Favorite childhood memoryGetting Yoo-Hoo's every morning with my dad before school.
Favorite subjectAs of now. AP Psychology and Patient Care.
What do you want to be when you grow upEither a psychologist, a bartender, or a nurse.
What would be your ideal lifeA life where I'm happy and in love.
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