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Monday, September 20, 2010

I guess I feel like blogging about my thoughts on you guys lately.

Becca Bowen - Lately you've been the bestest friend I can ever ask for. We seem to be spending a whole lot of time together lately and we might even live together soon. I'm really hoping that works out. You seem to be the one who always makes me happy lately and I love your family. I wish my mom was like yours. I'm lucky to have you as....well...a sister.

Heather Bradshaw - Lately, me & you keep getting into fights. That's so unlike us. We seem to be drifting this year, it's quite upsetting. It seems that texting is the only way to get to you. I know most of it is because you have Timmy now and other friends, but still. Can we please try and stop with all the drama??? lol Ilys.

Kaitlyn Miller - Girl, I don't even know. Me & you got close real quick. We seem to mesh well I guess. I hope to become best friends with you this year. :)

Jason Szkapi - I love you way too much to ever try and hurt you or get mad at you. I hate that.

Megan Bates - Babe, you crazy & I love it! You make my days in 3rd & 4th period! I can't wait to save lives with you!

Mom - I love you and I always will. You're my mom. But living with you is not for me. I need a better environment.

Bowens - All of you, even you Raymond (even though you're not a Bowen) are amazing. This family is crazy & i love every part of it. :)

David McCarty - I love you so much bgf. Nuff said.

Dustin Sheppard - You're such a douche sometimes, but I love you anyways :)

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